Nouryon launches Global Service Center in Mumbai

Nouryon has announced the expansion of its office footprint and workforce in Mumbai, India, with the launch of a new Global Service Center.

The flag of India.
In addition to the office and innovation center in Mumbai Image source: ermaltahiri - Pixabay (symbol image).

The new Global Service Center includes commercial teams focused on business development in India as well as functional hubs that are intended to support the Company’s global growth plans. The newly expanded office and innovation center in Mumbai will employ a growing workforce of nearly 350 employees that will occupy approximately 50,000 square feet. Nouryon has operated in India since 1991. Nouryon has operated in India since 1991. The Mumbai-based commercial team is focused on key end-markets including paints, coatings, and packaging.

“Will continue to make sustained investments”

“Our expanded presence in India reinforces Nouryon’s long-term commitment to this strategically important talent and growth market,” said Charlie Shaver, Nouryon Chairman and CEO. “Nouryon will continue to make sustained investments in talent development and capability enhancement to ensure Nouryon is well positioned to maximize growth in India and around the world.”

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