BASF Española inaugurates its new technology centre in Marchamalo

On June 14, 2023, the opening ceremony signified the official opening of the “Technology Competence Center” at the facilities of BASF Española in Marchamalo (Guadalajara). The facility serves more than 100 automotive factories on different continents.

Ribbon-cutting of the "Technology Competence Center". Image source: BASF.

The new technology centre is dedicated to researching and replicating the painting process of any vehicle manufacturer, taking into account the various individual factors in each production line, such as temperature, humidity, or coating technology, and which have a definitive influence on the paint application process at the end customer.  This “Technology Competence Center” provides services to more than 100 automotive factories in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, including manufacturers of plastic parts for the same industry.

Investment volume of EUR 14 million

The construction of these facilities has contributed as a catalyst for the production transfer project of solvent-borne basecoats to the Marchamalo center, supported by the decision of the BASF group to officially designate the Marchamalo headquarters as a European strategic center for this technology. In addition, its construction has been a challenge having to carry out the construction and installation of the new application booths while maintaining the productive flow in the old ones, without affecting the quality or capacity of the process in continuous service to the end customer. BASF has invested around EUR 14 million in this facility.

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