Graphene oxide modified tung oil-based vinyl ester coating

Researchers have portrayed a graphene oxide modified vinyl ester coating based on tung oil-with an improved anti-corrosion performance.

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Vinyl ester resin (VER) has been regarded as one of effective anti-corrosive resins, which is commonly used in anti-corrosion coating fields. However, the barrier effect of VER-based films against the corrosion medium is seriously reduced due to the inevitable generation of pores and cracks during the VER-based film formation process. In a new work, modified lamellar graphene oxide (GO560) nanoparticles used as functional fillers are introduced into the VER-based film matrix to address the above issue. Herein, GO nanoparticles are modified by epoxy-terminated silane coupling agent (KH560) to improve their dispersibility and hydrophobicity.

Great potential

The electrochemical impedance measurement shows that the low-frequency impedance of GO560/VER films (7.08 × 1010 Ω cm2) is 4 orders of magnitude higher than that of Blank/VER film (1.11 × 107 Ω cm2) after 100-day immersion in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution, which implies the obviously improvement of corrosion resistance for VER-based film by introducing GO560 nanoparticles. According to the researchers, the study provides a promising method for uniformly dispersing epoxidised GO nanosheets by the bridged linkage effect of bio-based materials into VER-based film, and then construct multifunctional nanosheets-VER composite tough films with the favorable and long-lasting anti-corrosion performance, which have the great potential in the marine anti-corrosion application including ships and marine engineerings.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 180, July 2023.

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