Paint Analysis

by Roger Dietrich
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Pages: 143
ISBN: 9783866309128
Publication date: 2009
Version: 1
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The market demands modern paints that possess specified properties. Where deviations from set points occur, the cause must be investigated and the error must be remedied. What "standard methods" don't disclose is why a particular coating either meets or fails to meet a requirement. Thus the author presents modern analytical techniques and their applications in the coatings industry that answer further complex questions. The information in this book can be used for performing failure analysis, production control and quality control, and also meet the requirements of modern high-level quality management. It can act as a reference for explaining why a coating or production failure has occurred and at the same time provide inspiration for an analytical solution. It can also be used for educational purposes. An excellent combination of theory and practice for engineers and technicians engaged in coatings production, application and substrate production.

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EC Library Paint Analysis

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