EC Survey: Bio-based coatings

Lately, the coatings industry is increasingly talking about bio-based raw materials and how to use more of them to cut dependency on fossil feedstocks and become more sustainable. We want to ask your opinion on where are we standing in this process.

Are bio-based coatings a significant part of the coatings industry -

A few years ago, we noticed, that articles on this website on bio-based raw materials got more attention from our readers. Also, more and more people were talking about it on conferences, traide fairs and during our day to day work. Finally, we even hosted the world’s first expert conference on bio-based raw materials for coatings in 2017.

Now we want to ask you: where is the coatings industry standing? For this, please fill out the questionnaire. It will only take 5 minutes and we will inform you soon, once we have analysed the input.   

Update: The survey has been completed. If you are interested in the results you may want to read our analysis on bio-based coatings raw materials.

Event tip:

On 22-23 October 2019 the Second European Coatings Technology Forum | Bio-based coatings will take place in Berlin. The conference will show the latest innovations and products that can increase the bio-based share in coatings and bring together international experts from around Europe.

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