Novel defoamers for concrete

Researchers report the application of branched alkyl polyethers as novel defoamers for concrete.

A white concrete wall with an embossed arrow.
White cement ist used in the home construction and repair segment. Image source: StockSnap - Pixabay (icon image).

A series of branched polyether defoamers with the same ethylene oxide (EO) unit content, but different branched chain lengths and branched degrees were prepared. The properties of the branched defoamers in aqueous solutions, and fresh and hardened cementitious mortars were evaluated.

Higher defoaming ability

The results show that compared with traditional linear polyether defoamers, the branched defoamers exhibited better water solubility, meanwhile higher defoaming ability in both solutions and mortars. The defoamer having a longer branched chain length and higher branched degree exhibited higher defoaming ability. The hardened mortar specimens mixed with the branched defoamers also exhibited higher mechanical performance.

The study has been published in Cement and Concrete Research, Volume 157, July 2022.

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