New podcast: Fully automated production of bio-based coatings

In our latest podcast episode we speak about the EU-funded Life Biopaint project where a fully automated and waste-free production of bio-based coatings was established. Project manager Marcello Vitale from IVM Chemicals explains how this project has come to life, which bio-based materials were used and how the fully automated production is set up.

Marcello Vitale
Marcello Vitale works as Coatings Innovative Research Technical Manager at IVM Chemicals and is the project leader of the Life BioPaint project.

Bio-based coatings are one major opportunity to enhance the sustainability of coatings. However, there are many other factors like production, transport or application technology of the coatings that that should be taken into account.

In this episode of the EC Podcast we speak with Marcello Vitale from IVM Chemicals in Italy. The company has just inaugurated the EU-funded Life Biopaint plant that is addressing the sustainability topic in a truly holistic way. Aside from the bio-based raw materials, the plant is fully automated, does not produce any waste or VOC emissions and reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 30 %.


Fully automated production of bio-based coatings

Speaking: Jan Gesthuizen, Marcello Vitalle / Production: Jan Gesthuizen, Sarina Lux


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