Vibrantz Technologies to invest in capacity expansion

Vibrantz Technologies has announced an investment of around EUR 18,2 million to increase capacity of its patented sustainable tinting solution at its facility in Sittard, Netherlands.

Image source: Convegni_Ancisa - Pixabay (symbol image).

Through a series of optimisation projects over the next two years, this expansion is anticipated to increase Vibrantz’s global production capacity of the tinting solution 20-fold (producing roughly 1.2 million liters per year).

Groundbreaking in early 2024

According to company information, Vibrantz’s technology is the coatings industry’s first and only volumetrically dosed tinting system of solid colorants designed for use in architectural and industrial paint applications. It is free of biocides and made with 100% recyclable packaging. Adjacent to Vibrantz’s existing colourant plant in Sittard, Netherlands, the new facility is expected to break ground in early 2024 and be operational in 2025.

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