Safic-Alcan and Union Colours: New distribution agreement

Safic-Alcan, global distributor of specialty chemicals, has announced a new agreement, effective immediately, with Union Colours, the European Division of Sincol Corporation.

Safic-Alcan promotes Union Colours' range of organic pigments in France and in the Benelux region. Image source: popov48 – (symbol image).

Safic-Alcan will promote in France and in the Benelux region the full range of high-quality organic pigments from Union Colours, particularly suitable for the Coatings, Inks and Plastic markets.

New Facilities in China and South Africa

Union Colours is the European division of the Sincol Corporation, which is part of the largest independent organic pigment manufacturer in China. First established in 1980, the parent group has recently opened a new facility in Jinzhou, China and a new facility in Durban, South Africa, will be commissioned in 2023.

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