Preparations for Abrafati 2021 are in full swing

More than 80 companies have already confirmed their participation in the 17th International Exhibition of Coatings Induytry Suppliers, wich is taking place next year from September 28 to 30, as part of Abrafati 2021.

Abrafati 2021 will show a comprehensive portfolio of innovations. Image source: Gerd Altmann - Pixabay (symbol image).

Booth sales during two online events – the first of which is for sponsors to the Congress, and the second for all those interested – have led to 70 percent of the area of Sao Paulo Expo’s halls 5 and 6 taken up.

According to planners, the outcome of the launch has shown that people across the supply chain are already preparing to grasp the opportunity for an in-person reuninon in 2021 that will boos business and stimulate innovation.

Booth sales will continue

Over the nex several weeks, booth sales will continue, with the NürnbergMesse Brazil team in charge.More companies from Brazil and abroad will add to the initial group. This means that, at Abrafati 2021, the a comprehensive portfolio of innovations – in connection with sustainability, performance in digitisation – will be available for manufacturers to learn about and later incorporate into their business, fmenting evolution in the industry.

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