PPG to increase U.S. aerospace products manufacturing output

PPG will increase the manufacturing output to meet rising demand for commercial aerospace aftermarket products.

A white painted aircraft in a hangar.
The utilisation rate of composite materials has exceeded 50 % in some advanced aircraft. During the flight Image source: aapsky - stock.adobe.com (symbol image).

The company expects to increase employment levels at its Huntsville, Ala. and Sylmar, Calif. manufacturing facilities by up to 20% to fulfill higher demand from customers.

PPG is also investing in increased factory automation to enhance delivery times for aerospace coatings and sealants. For example, the company’s Shildon, U.K. aerospace plant is commissioning an automatic filling machine to increase production of ready-to-use cartridge-based systems.

“Meeting the immediate and longer-term needs”

“We’ve benefited from year-over-year improvements in the market,” said Dan Korte, PPG global vice president, Aerospace. “As travelers continue returning to the skies, we are focused on meeting the immediate and longer-term needs of our customers.”

“With increased employment at our major U.S. manufacturing plants, we can boost our supply throughout our global network of 16 aerospace application support centers (ASC),” said Korte. “By further automating our processes at these ASCs, we can quickly ship products directly to our local customers and do our part to help the aviation industry thrive once again.”

PPG recently announced that it will invest EUR 16 million to build an ASC in Toulouse, France. Operations are anticipated to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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