Ocsial expands production capacities in Europe

Ocsial has announced the launching of a new a graphene nanotube synthesis facility near Belgrade, Serbia, in the first half of 2023.

An aerial view of the new plant in Serbia.
The new site in Serbia also will produce nanotube-based concentrates and dispersions for various applications including paints and coatings.  Image source: Ocsial.

The new facility in Serbia is planned to have a 40 MT/y capacity. The synthesis plant is intended to contribute to lowering supply chain costs and to make it possible to deliver European-produced nanotubes and nanotube industrial solutions to customers in Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Production lines

As the company further points out, the nanotube synthesis facility will be accompanied by the production lines of more than 40 nanotube-based concentrates and dispersions designed to simplify industrial handling of nanotubes and will be launched in sequence in 2022-2023. These products are used in aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, packaging and consumer goods.

The Serbian facility will be complemented by a larger nanotube manufacturing facility in Differdange, Luxembourg, in 2025.

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