Elementis forms commercial agreement with Nxtlevvel Biochem

Nxtlevvel and Elementis are planning the launch of two new biobased solvents for the industrial paint and coatings sector in early 2021. 

Nxtlevvel and Elementis launch biobased solvents. Image source: TheDigitalArtist - Pixabay (symbol image).

As the companies tell, these biobased solvents can be used as coalescing agents and replace the use of petrochemical-based solvents in product formulations.

As a privately held company headquartered in The Netherlands, Nxtlevvel is a commercial scale manufacturer of biomass-derived chemicals. As a joint venture formed in 2018, Nxtlevvel brings together the industrial expertise of the Towell Engineering Group (Sultanate of Oman) with advanced technology developed by GFBiochemicals. GFBiochemicals was founded in 2008 and holds 200 patents for its proprietary technology in bio-solvents, polyols and plasticisers based on levulinic acid. Levulinic acid is considered a key bio-based building block that enables the production of an extensive portfolio of derivatives.

Naturally derived additives for paint and coatings

Elementis is a publicly traded distributor of naturally derived additives for paint and coatings, personal care, and energy applications.  Elementis is also a leading provider of water-based systems and solutions that replace traditional solvent-based formulations while maintaining performance in application.  

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