New lecture on UV dual cure coatings online

UV curing offers many advantages for plastic coatings that can be used in automotive interiors. A new video lecture in our digital library 360° describes the advantage of UV-dual cure systems for those systems.


Plastics are increasingly used in vehicle interiors. UV cured coatings offer rapid curing, but non-planar components require some form of dual cure. As an alternative to conventional isocyanates, some isocyanate-bearing acrylates with low residual NCO were evaluated in dual cure formulations.

Thy can be used to formulate coatings that are combining thermal and radiation curing mechanism, thus offering stable coatings even on 3 dimensional substrates where shadowing during curing can not be prevented completely.

The video is available in our online library EUROPEAN COATINGS 360°. A free-trial-access is available for a period of 14 days.

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