Palm oil fuel ash as supplementary cementitious material

Palm oil fuel ash is a waste material generated in power plants as a result of the combustion of palm oil industry waste for the generation of electricity. Researchers have investigated whether the material is suitable for the production of sustainable concrete.

Palm oil fuel ash as supplementary cementitious material. Source: -

Due to its abundance and high pozzolanic characteristics, many researchers have evaluated its potential as construction material.

Promising future for use in concrete

This paper presents an overview of some of the published results on the successful utilisation of palm oil fuel ash (POFA) as supplementary cementitious material and the properties of such concrete at fresh and hardened stages. Studies indicate that there is a promising future for the use of POFA in normal, high strength and self compacting concrete as it shows high strength, low shrinkage and permeability, high resistance to carbonation, chloride, sulfate and acidic environments. At elevated temperature, POFA concrete performs better than ordinary Portland cement (OPC) concrete. The summery and discussions should provide new information and knowledge on the applications of greener and sustainable palm oil fuel ash concrete.

The study is published in: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 80, December 2017, Pages 550–561

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