Alternative cement clinkers

A recently published article reviews proposed technical approaches for the manufacture and use of alternatives to Portland cement clinker as the main reactive binder component for ordinary concrete construction in non-specialty applications, while giving lower net global CO2 emissions in use.

Researchers recently presented environmentally friendly alternatives for Portland cement clinker. Source: Paulista – -

A critical analysis, taking into account a wide range of technical considerations, suggests that, with the exception of alkali-activated systems, there are only four classes of alternative clinker system that deserve serious attention with respect to global reductions in concrete-related CO2 emissions:

  • (A) Reactive Belite-rich Portland cement (RBPC) clinkers,
  • (B) Belite-Ye'elimite-Ferrite (BYF) clinkers,
  • (C) Carbonatable Calcium Silicate clinkers (CCSC) and
  • (D) Magnesium Oxides derived from Magnesium Silicates (MOMS).

A and B are “hydraulic” clinkers, (i.e. clinkers which harden by reaction with water,) C is a “carbonatable” clinker, (i.e. one which hardens by reaction with CO2 gas) and D can fall into both categories.

The study is published in: Cement and Concrete Research Volume 114, December 2018, Pages 27-39.

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