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16. May 2018 | Raw materials

Ranking: The 25 largest coatings producers in Europe

Who is among the Top 25 largest paints and coatings manufacturers headquartered in Europe this year?

Who is among the Top 25 of the largest paints and coatings manufacturers headquartered in Europe this year? Image source: radiorio - Stock.Adobe

As it comes with no surprise, Dutch company Akzo Nobel remains the top seed in our ranking. With sales of EUR 9.6 billion, Akzo Nobel is leading by far. Second-ranked is the coatings division of BASF, with almost EUR 4 billion - quite a growth compared to last year, where BASF made 3,2 billion with paints and coatings.

As our map illustrates, the top players of the European coatings industry are located all over the continent. However, there seem to be certain coatings hotspots, namely in Northern and Central Europe.

More information on the companies such as numbers of employees, factories and sales is also available when you click on or hover over the bubbles on the map. Looking at where the sales are earned, it is also noticeable that especially for the biggest players, sales out of Europe seem to be an important part of business. The table shows that the ranks one to four are earning the larger share with their activities outside of Europe. From rank six onwards to the bottom of the table companies announced they are earning their sales mainly or exclusively in Europe in 2017.

Company Country Annual paint sales (in EUR million) Annual group sales (in EUR million) Sales in Europe in % Sales outside of Europe in % Number of employees Number of production sites
Akzo Nobel The Netherlands 9600 14575 42 58 35700 150
BASF Germany 3969 64475 40 60 11500 70
Jotun Norway 1758 1758 27 73 9800 40
Hempel Denmark 1378 1378 58 42 6000 25
DAW - Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke Germany 1300 1300 n/a n/a 5600 29
Beckers Group Germany 600 600 65 35 1800 24
Tikkurila Finland 582 582 100 0 3000 11
Brillux Germany 500 500 n/a n/a 2500 4
Cromology France 425 705 100 0 3800 10
Meffert Germany 405 405 83 17 1447 11
Teknos Finland 384 384 80 20 1800 16
Mankiewicz Germany 335 335 n/a n/a 1400 7
Tiger Coatings Austria 309 309 n/a n/a 1310 9
Betek Boya Turkey 291 291 n/a n/a n.a. n/a
Flügger Group Denmark 248 248 n/a n/a 1550 6
Wörwag Germany 240 240 n/a n/a 1000 3
J.W. Ostendorf Germany 229 229 n/a n/a 750 2
CIN - Corporação Industrial do Norte Portugal 220 232 98 2 1,400 9
Yasar Turkey 213 213 n/a n/a 1000 n/a
Grebe Holding Germany 211 211 65 35 1300 10
Frei Lacke Germany 143 143 n/a n/a 553 5
Sniezka Poland 136 136 n/a n/a 600 n/a
Industrias Titan Spain 113 113 98 2 632 3
ICA Italy 111 118 86 14 583 3
Kayalar Kimya Turkey 110 110 n/a n/a n/a n/a

Our ranking is based on the annual sales made with coatings. These are included in the annual group sales, but only paints and coatings sales were taken into account. Furthermore, only companies whose headquarters are located in Europe were included in the ranking. Last year’s figures were used, except for very few cases in which figures from 2016 had to be taken.

A look back

Have a look at what changed in the last years with our Top 25 from 2017 and the ranking from 2016.

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