Understanding Coatings Raw Materials

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What are paints and coatings composed of? This efficient reference book offers an optimum overview of the different constituents of the different types of coatings, explaining the chemistry, system and impacts of coating raw materials. That way, newcomers to the field of coatings gain a quick basic knowledge whereas chemists and laboratory assistants will find valuable insights on future trends and developments in the field of raw materials.

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Author Vijay Mannari, Chintankumar J. Patel
Format 15,5 x 22,5 cm (hardcover) / PDF (eBook)
ISBN 9783866308831 (print) / 9783866306035 (eBook)
Year of publication 10.04.2015
Edition 1
Order no. 599 (print) / 599_EBOOK (eBook)