Polyester and Alkyd Resins Technical Basics and Applications

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Polyester and alkyd resins belong to the most diverse and important material classes of paint chemistry and their usage as binders has been established for a long time. This standard work goes into detail on the composition, structure and properties of these important binder groups and subjects previous findings in that field to a critical review. It shows different precise calculation approaches in modern coatings development, ways to formulate polyester and alkyd resins in experimental designs and how to vary them systematically. A practice- and future-oriented reference book that should not be missing in any laboratory!

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Author Ulrich Poth
Format 15,5 x 22,5 cm (hardcover) / PDF (eBook)
ISBN 9783866307353 (print) / 9783866307407 (eBook)
Year of publication 06.02.2020
Edition 1
Order no. 20733 (print) / 20734 (eBook)