Pigment Processing Physico-chemical Principles

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This monograph is a comprehensive practice-related exposition of the fundamental principles of pigment processing. It provides a complete survey of the theoretical principles and practical results of pigment application covering all aspects from the physical characterisation of pigments, the optical properties of pigmented systems, the rheological behaviour of pigment dispersions to the actual dispersion process. Indispensable for chemists, physicists, colourists, technicians as well as laboratory assistants engaged in research, development, application or production in the pigment industry but also to those in the relevant technical colleges and research institutes.

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Author Juan M. Oyarzún
Format 15,5 x 22,5 cm (hardcover) / PDF (eBook)
ISBN 9783866306653 (print) / 9783866306660 (eBook)
Year of publication 30.10.2015
Edition 2
Order no. 15127 (print) / 15127_EBOOK (eBook)