Coil Coating

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The mission of this new book is to know everything there is to know about coil coatings and how to use them successfully. From the basic principles of the coil coating process to substrate preparation, raw material selection, coil coating line equipment, performance testing, research issues and standardisation.
A notable section of the book deals with applications involving cans and buildings. It also covers the various application methods and their drying, as well as wet spraying, powder coatings, UV curing, IR and EB. Key research into functional coatings and nanotechnology is included. To provide a solid foundation in all the important principles of coil coatings – essential for the successful development of can and coil coatings.

Jörg Sander has written this book for formulators who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in can and coil coatings and to immerse themselves in the subject, as well as for experts looking for detailed information on surface preparation, materials, application, standardisation and test methods. Anyone involved in the coil coating manufacturing process who needs a full understanding of the relationships involved.


Author Jörg Sander
Format 16,5 x 26 cm
ISBN 9783866308343
Year of publication 04.12.2013
Edition 1