Epoxy Resins

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Thanks to their excellent characteristics, epoxy resins belong to the most established binders within the coatings industry. This new book explains the basic principles of the chemistry of the epoxy group and imparts the use of epoxy and phenoxy resins in industrial coatings, such as anticorrosive coatings, floor coatings, powder coatings and can coatings, with the help of concrete formulations. Essential for any formulator of competitive modern paint systems!

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Author Michael Dornbusch, Ulrich Christ, Rob Rasing
Format 15,5 x 22,5 cm (hardcover) / PDF (eBook)
ISBN 9783866308879 (print) / 9783866306400 (eBook)
Year of publication 15.04.2016
Edition 1
Order no. 603 (print) / 603_EBOOK (eBook)