Smart surfaces market will grow to around EUR 12.13 billion by 2020

A new report identifies the emerging market opportunities for smart surfaces across a wide range of applications.

The smart surfaces market will scale to almost EUR 26.97 billion in 2022. Source: B&F Ghaffarian -

Smart surfaces are capable of rearranging their morphology or composition in response to changes of the ambient environment. It is expected that smart surfaces will capitalise on the recent commercial successes of smart coatings and note both the extensive R&D in the field of smart surfaces and the beginnings of commercialisation.

Novel patterning technologies

The report by Research and Markets examines the use of metal oxides, polymers and biomaterials to create smart surfaces, as well as the use of novel patterning technologies including those derived from nanomanufacturing. It provides a roadmap and eight-year forecast (in volume and value terms) for smart surfaces in five important end-user sectors: energy

  • electronics
  • healthcare
  • automotive and aerospace
  • and the military.

For each sector, the report provides breakouts by materials type. In addition, the report also assesses the R&D and marketing strategies of the leading firms that are active in the commercialisation of smart coatings.

Finding the place in smart environments

The market assessment of the smart coatings market is based both on the latest results from the lab and current marketing trends. For example, it examines how smart surfaces will play out in the Internet-of-Things and how recent changes in the energy sector will impact the prospects for smart surfaces. The report also examines how smart surfaces will find their place in smart environments where they must compete with embedded sensors and smart coatings.

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