Low-cost bismuth yellow hybrid pigments derived from attapulgite

A study provides a feasible route to prepare low-cost and high-grade bismuth yellow pigments with excellent colour properties and thermal stability.

Low-cost bismuth yellow hybrid pigments derived from attapulgite. Source: Jag cz – Fotolia -

Attapulgite/bismuth yellow hybrid pigments were successfully fabricated by sol-gel method followed by a calcining process.

Colour improvement

The colour of the hybrid pigments was superior to BiVO4 samples after incorporating of the “magic wand” of attapulgite, and this strategy was also in favour of controlling the growth of bismuth yellow nanoparticles on the surface of attapulgite without the free agglomeration. This colour improvement of hybrid pigments was mainly related to the change of band gap energy due to the doping of the compositions of attapulgite.

Compatible with polyurethane resin

The pigments exhibited the optimal colour properties (L* = 79.39, a* = 4.69, b* = 86.19, C* = 86.32, and h° = 86.89) after introducing of 40% attapulgite. They could be served as an eco-friendly yellow colourant to replace the traditional and toxic ones for applications in both of hydrophobic polystyrene plastic and hydrophilic polyurethane resin, as well as facilely sprayed on various substrates.

The study is published in: Dyes and Pigments, Volume 149, February 2018.

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