Founding of Briolf Group

With headquarters in Girona, Spain, the new industrial group brings together more than 50 years of experience and expects to exceed 125 million euros in turnover this year

Geographical outlines of Spain in the colours of the national flag.
The Briolf Group -

Briolf Group is the name of the new business holding made up of five long-established companies in the specialty chemicals sector. This business group is the result of the expansion of the family business Roberlo, located in Riudellots de la Selva. The Briolf Group brings together more than 50 years of experience in the sector, a team of more than 800 members around the world and a commercial presence in more than 125 countries. Made up of more than 20 enterprises, the group sets out with good economic perspectives that exceed 125 million Euros of consolidated turnover in 2019, representing an increase of 15 percent over the previous year.

Merger of specialised companies for paints, lacquers or adhesives

Other than Roberlo – a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of paints and repair solutions for the refinishing of automobiles and industrial sectors, with twelfe subsidiaries and an export share in excess of 80 percent – all the companies involved in this project are specialised in offering solutions for the world of paints, coatings or adhesives. Specifically, the companies are Montana Colors, a Catalan company that is operating in the production of aerosol paint for the street art sector, as well as products for fine arts and the wide world of creativity; Chemfix, located in the United Kingdom and specialising in the production of chemical anchoring; Cromaresme, dedicated to the production of paint for application on plastic and glass with facilities in Dosrius; and Dexia System, a paint distribution company based in Girona with a presence in a large part of Catalonia, Andorra and the south of France.

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