Clariant and White Tale engaged in talks

Clariant notes that after the announcement of the termination of the merger between Clariant and Huntsman, Clariant and its shareholder White Tale have engaged in talks regarding the new situation for the company and ways to work together in the future.

Clariant and White Tale engaged in talks. Source: Pixabay -

Clariant’s management has offered to White Tale its readiness to present its existing growth strategy, listen to White Tale’s plans and discuss appropriate concrete ways forward, including White Tale’s wish for seats on the Board of Directors. According to Swiss governance, the requests of White Tale will be discussed in the next Board of Directors meeting.

Fokus on long-term value creation

Like White Tale, Clariant continues to be confident in the future opportunities for long-term value creation for all stakeholders, as a leader in Specialty Chemicals. In order to deepen the discussions, Clariant invited White Tale to hold further talks. In the coming weeks, Clariant will also continue the dialogue with all its shareholders, having shown long-term interest in the company.

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