BRB Silicone appoints Chemfit for distribution in South Africa

BRB International BV appoints Chemfit for sales distribution of silicone product portfolio for paint & coatings and construction in South Africa.

Hand with a symbolised South African flag.
BRB International appoints Chemfit for sales distribution in South Africa (symbol image). Image source: Kurious / Pixabay. -

Chemfit, a business unit of AECI Chemicals, is a leading supplier of specialised chemical products and services to the Southern African market.

Highest international standards

As BRB Sicilone tells, Chemfit emphasis on quality products, innovation and best technical support to the end customers, conforming to the highest international standards through partnerships with leading international chemical manufacturers with a sound infrastructure and a wealth of technical experience and knowledge.

“We will be strategically positioned to meet the current and future demands of paint & coatings and construction industries in South Africa,” said Marc Ladreyt, Sales Leader Middle East Africa BRB International BV, “with the appointment of Chemfit for this territory”.

Image source: Pixabay.

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