Azelis partners up with OCSiAl for CASE and R&PA markets

Specialty chemicals distributor Azelis has announced a new partnership with nanotube manufacturer OCSiAl.

Graphene sheets.

This new agreement will see Azelis distribute OCSiAl products in France and the UK.

With this partnership, Azelis wants to strengthen its position in several industries, specifically CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers), R&PA (Rubber & Plastic Additives) and the building industry.

Current production capacity is 75 tons per year

OCSiAl is a manufacturer of graphene nanotubes – rolled-up sheets of graphene. The current production capacity is 75 tons per year. In 2023, the company wants to launch the first train of a new synthesis facility in Luxembourg with an annual capacity of up to 100 tons. Headquartered in Luxembourg, OCSiAl is represented in the USA, Russia, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, India, Malaysia, Mexica, Australia and Germany.

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