Review of anticorrosive graphene composite coatings

A recently published review article gives a comprehensive review of anticorrosive graphene-composite coatings.

Helium leak tests verified the enhanced permeation properties of the multistacked graphene coatings. Image source: Forance - (symbol image).

Graphene in anticorrosive composite coatings has broad application prospects because of its excellent physical, electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties. Due to the comprehensive performance advantages of graphene-composite coatings, they can better meet protection requirements in complex and changeable environments and are expected to gradually replace the traditional single coatings used in industry.

Positive effect of graphene

In a new overview article, the excellent protective properties of anticorrosive graphene-composite coatings are reviewed. First, the dispersion methods of graphene in composite coatings are introduced. Second, the comprehensive anticorrosion performance of graphene-composite coatings is introduced. The positive effect of graphene on the performance of anticorrosive composite coatings is expounded from the aspects of its basic anticorrosion mechanism and multi-functional cooperative protection. Third, specific optimization measures are put forward according to the shortcomings of graphene in its application in anticorrosive coatings. Finally, the development trend of graphene in the field of anticorrosive materials is analysed from many aspects, and some research suggestions are provided.

The review has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 157, August 2021.

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