Polyacrylic acid modified graphene oxide in WPU based coatings

The incorporation of graphene oxide (GO) into waterborne polyurethane (WPU) coating shows great potential in enhancing the performance of WPU coating. But homogeneous dispersion of GO in polymer matrix is still a challenge for the application of GO.

A laboratory.
It was demonstrated that the glass transition temperature of the final crosslinked network could be controlled by the addition of a monoallylated monomer. Image source: kwanchaift - stock.adobe.com (symbol image).

In a new paper, the polyacrylic acid modified graphene oxide (PAA-nGO) with high dispersion stability in a wide range of pH (4–11) was prepared via two step amidation reaction. Significantly, PAA-nGO can be uniformly dispersed in WPU as bifunctional additive to prepare WPU/PAA-nGO coatings with enhanced mechanical property, chemical resistance and abrasion durability. The as-prepared WPU/PAA-nGO coating exhibited improved tensile strength (18.12 MPa) and tear strength (38.07 kN/m), which were 56.1% and 51.5% higher than those of pure WPU coating, respectively.

Improved performance

Interestingly, WPU/PAA-nGO coating showed improved chemical resistance. Notably, abrasion durability of WPU/PAA-nGO coating was significantly enhanced, and the mass loss rate was decreased by 77.1%. Overall, the new work provided a potential strategy for improving the mechanical property, chemical resistance and abrasion durability of WPU based coatings by introducing PAA-nGO with well dispersion and high stable in a wide pH range.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 170, September 2022.

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