Istanbul Technical University mourns Prof. Yusuf Yağcı

 One of the pioneers in photopolymer sciences passed away on 30 January.

Prof. Yusuf Yağcı has passed away. Source: Yusuf Yağcı

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is bidding farewell to Prof. Yusuf Yağcı, one of its most distinguished professors. Prof. Yağcı, who had an important role in the rise of ITU among international universities with his highly cited articles and original studies, passed away on 30 January 2023. His unexpected passing has left his family, students and loved ones in mourning.

Prof. Yağcı was a highly respected scientist who made a name for himself both nationally and internationally with his scientific studies and the recipient of many worldwide awards in the field of polymer science.

Born in 1952, Yusuf Yağcı completed his undergraduate education at IDMMA Galatasaray Engineering High School, Chemical Engineering Department in 1974. Following his graduation, he continued his education in the UK and received his master’s and PhD degrees from Liverpool University in 1977 and 1979. Yağcı joined the ITU Family in 1980, and he carried out studies in countries such as Germany, Japan and China with the scholarships he won. Prof. Yağcı received his titles of associate professor and professor at ITU. He became full professor at the young age of 37.

Prof. Yağcı played a pioneering role in the realisation of polymerisation reaction with light and the use of light in the field of click chemistry, and his highly cited works have been successful and respected worldwide. His field of study, polymer science, covers chemical substances such as plastics, paints and adhesives, as well as organic structures such as wool, hair and nails, and molecules such as DNA.


Prof. Dr. Yusuf Yağcı has nearly 750 scientific articles with many citations and ten patents. He has written six books and authored 31 book chapters.

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