Vencorex appoints new distributor in Canada

Vencorex has appointed Emco-Inortech the Canadian distributor for Vencorex effective October 15, 2022 for their HDI and IPDI monomers and aliphatic polyisocyanates.

The Canadian flag against a blue sky.
The new branch is supposed to become part of the North American structure. Image source: Marsel Elia - Pixabay (symbol image).

Emco-Inortech is a leading specialty chemical distributor based in Terrebonne, Quebec, that has provided specialty additives, resins and other raw materials to the Canadian CASE market since the Mid 1990’s.

“Ideal partner for Vencorex”

“We strongly believe that Emco-Inortech is the ideal partner for Vencorex to provide the Canadian market with the local service and support they need. We are very much looking forward to working together to provide customers with formulation and application solutions to take a leading position in the polyurethane market.” says Anna Diretto, Regional Sales Manager for the USA and Canada.

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