SDC Technologies acquires Cotec

US company SDC Technologies has acquired Cotec, a company known for thin film coating technologies based in Karlstein am Main, Germany.

SDC Technologies has acquired Cotec.  Image source: rawpixel - pixabay (symbol image).

Cotec is regarded as an established innovator in the development and manufacture of high quality PVD (physical vapor deposition) and MLD (molecular layer deposition) materials for hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-reflective coatings in the ophthalmic, precision optics, automotive and display markets.

“Synergy is a perfect fit”

“The synergy of these two companies is a perfect fit, delivering a larger range of coating products across ophthalmic, automotive displays and camera lenses, precision optics and aerospace. This unique strategic integration of coating technologies allows us to support the ophthalmic market as a total solution lens fabricator whilst also expanding into new markets”, said Antonios Grigoriou, CEO and President of SDC.

“Cotec is a well-known innovative company for thin film coating technologies. Our expertise in the fields of vacuum coating, evaporation chemicals and nanotechnology, in combination with the most advanced development and production processes has made us a globally recognised supplier and partner for research and development”, explained Michael Fliedner, founder and CEO of Cotec.

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