Safic-Alcan and Schützen: New distribution agreement

Specialty chemicals distributor Safic-Alcan has announced a new exclusive distribution agreement with Schützen Chemical Group for biobased rheological modifiers.

Two puzzle pieces are pushed together by a person in a business suit.
Safic-Alcan and Schützen have reached a PAN-EU agreement for biobased rheological modifiers suitable for Coatings and Construction chemicals. Image source: NicoElNino - (symbol image).

The new distribution agreement includes all European countries, excluding Turkey, and covers biobased rheological modifiers suitable for both Coatings and Construction chemicals markets.

“New sustainable and innovative solutions”

“Schützen Chemical Group has developed biobased and highly biodegradable rheological modifiers based on Tamarind seed gum polysaccharides, derived from Tamarind fruits” says Jean-Marie Schmuck, Business Development Director Coatings & Construction at Safic-Alcan “We have been immediately convinced by Schützencol value proposition and are delighted of this PAN-EU agreement, therefore adding in our ESG portfolio a new sustainable and innovative solutions for formulators of paints, coatings, tiles adhesives or skim coats”

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