Nordmann UK and Toyal Europe: New distribution partnership

Nordmann UK and Toyal Europe have announced their distribution partnership for aluminum effect pigments for the UK and Irish markets. This exclusive arrangement came into effect from January 2023.

Aluminium powder.
As a recognised producer of sophisticated aluminum effect pigments and atomising powders Image source: monamakelacom - (symbol image).

Toyal Europe is part of the Toyal Group, a global manufacturing and supply network based in Japan and founded by Toyo Aluminium K.K. Aluminum effect pigments are used for a diverse range of applications, in particular: Coatings, Corrosion protection, Transportation, Functional and decorative applications, Powder coatings, Cosmetics and Printing inks.

“Further expansion”

According to a press statement, “Nordmann is enthusiastic about the exclusive distribution partnership and looking forward to the further expansion of both the British and Irish markets”.

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