New technical laboratory of Wilhelm Niemann

Wilhelm Niemann expands the range of dispersion and fine grinding trials with the new technical laboratory at the company’s site in Melle/Germany. Niemann provides almost all machines of the product portfolio in different types for this. The completely new designed laboratory is now available for trials to interested visitors.

New technical laboratory of Niemann provides almost all machines of the product portfolio in different types.  Source: Wilhelm Niemann Maschinenfabrik.

The new set-up provides several laboratory machines. Products can be treated under vacuum; batches of up to 3 litres can be dispersed with the dissolver and products can be grinded with the basket mill. In the pilot plant scale of 3 to 15 litres a vacuum dissolver is available for medium to high-viscous products as well as a butterfly dissolver for ultra-high viscous batches.

Filling of products on site

Trials in the production scale of up to 140 litres are also possible with all machine types. A pressing-out device also allows the filling of products on site. Almost all machines are equipped with a data logger in order to record the process data for a corresponding upscaling to later production machines. The modern aspiration technology provides a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

In the future the technical laboratory is planned to be constantly enlarged. Thus, already new machines are currently being manufactured, which will later be available in the laboratory or which will be presented in the showroom, which is built directly beside the technical laboratory at present.

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