New Feica Board elected

A new Feica Board has been elected at the 2021 General Assembly with Dr Guido Cami as the next President.

At the new Feica offices: left to right - Lars Christensen (Dana Lim) Image source: Feica / geralt - Pixabay.

The Feica General Assembly takes place once a year and is attended by the assocition’s membership. Feica’s direct membership has voting rights. The 2021 hybrid edition was held on 15 September 2021 and was opened by outgoing Feica President, Roland Albers, who gave a speech telling how the organisation, more than ever, addresses the current market situation of our industry.

Dr Guido Cami next Feica President

A new board was then elected with Dr Guido Cami (Avisa) elected as the next Feica President, Mr Eric Dehasque (Sika) as new Vice President and Mr Jean-Paul Hautekeer (Dow) as new Feica Treasurer. Dr Eva Griessbach (Dow) remains the Feica European Technical Board (ETB) Chair.

The new executive board was complemented  with:

Representing the Direct Company Members (DCMs): Dr Boris Tasche (Henkel); Mr Rob Uytdewillegen (Bolton Adhesives); Mr Roland Albers (Bostik); Mr Stuart Jenkinson (H.B.Fuller); Mr Alessandro Passerini (Coim).

Representing the National Association Members (NAMs): Mr Jean-Marc Barki (Sealock) AFICAM;  Dr Boris Tasche (Henkel) IVK; Mr Phillip Lee (Ace Adhesives) BASA; Mr Lars Christensen (Dana Lim) DFL.

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