MK Chemicals with new management and owners

The pigment paste manufacturer MK Chemicals from Bockenem, Germany, is under new management.

Dr. Bohdan Snovydovych

Since 1 October 2021 the MK Chemicals GmbH has a new management and ownership. Andreas Gramann and Dr. Bohdan Snovydovych are the new managing directors and are also taking over the company shares.

MK Chemicals has been founded in 1990 by Manfred Gawol and Klaus Jahnel and is known for high quality pigment pastes. Sarah Spur, daughter of the founder Manfred Gawol, will continue her work as authorised signatory.

Customer specific pigment pastes

The company produces customer specific pigment pastes for paints, inks and plastic, as well as for paper and leatherware products. The company also offers contract manufacturing on request.

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