BASF opens new laboratory building

BASF opened a new laboratory building for the development of automotive refinish coatings and innovations beyond paint at its site in Münster, Germany.

The new laboratories are supplied with thermal energy by using the residual heat from the company's waste incinerator Image source: BASF.

The opening is intended to underline the Coatings division’s position as a future-oriented and innovative company. “It is another component of our positioning as a global innovation center of BASF Coatings. We are thus complementing a series of global technical innovations. This includes the ‘Lean Lab’, which we started operating in 2018 at this site, as well as our plant for the functionalisation of films for various industries,” highlighted Uta Holzenkamp, head of BASF’s Coatings division.

Agile form of collaboration

The laboratory building, whose facade is designed in six different grey-blue nuances that change depending on the perspective and the daylight, creates future-oriented workplaces. According to the compamy, the innovative arrangement of the laboratories, warehouses, offices and meeting rooms enables a completely new, agile form of collaboration that is intended to promote not only efficiency and effectiveness, but also overarching collaboration and creativity.

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