EC Podcast: The European Green Deal

Renewable resources, bio-based materials, circular economy – green coating solutions are gaining more and more importance nowadays. New challenges for the coating industry have evolved. How can the industry, research and regulations deal with the new green requirements on the one hand, but, on the other hand, with the constant or growing demands for quality, performance and costs? The EC Podcast answers these questions and gives an overview about the European green deal and the challenges and consequences for the coating industry.

In the new episode of the EC Podcast we talked to Lucas Schmidt-Weihrich from VdL about the European Green Deal. Image source: OneClick

In the new episode of the EC Podcast Lucas Schmidt-Weihrich from the German Paint and Printing Ink Association (VdL) gives an insight in the key points and main purpose of the European Green Deal and explains the consequences for the coating industry with its special needs. He will point out the challenges, what has been done already and how the VdL can support the companies in the coating industry to fulfil the requirements.



Speaking: Lucas Schmidt-Weihrich, Dr Katrin Vogt / Production: Nils Harm, Ingo Jungmann


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