Preventing microbial corrosion of concrete with bactericides

Chinese researchers have studied the applicability of bactericides to prevent microbial corrosion of concrete. For a comprehensive evaluation, five different types of bactericides were selected.

Preventing microbial corrosion of concrete with bactericides. Source: -

The methods of high-throughput sequencing, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, confocal laser scanning microscope and so on were employed, and their bactericidal ability, dissolving property, effective content as well as the influence on the fluidity and strength of concrete were studied.

Copper phthalocyanine is the best

Copper phthalocyanine is the best bactericide to prevent concrete microbial corrosion. Sodium bromide has good effect on the resistance of concrete microbial corrosion in short term. Both ZnO and C21H38NCl have adverse effect on the performance of concrete. The bactericidal ability of Na2WO4 is the worst.

The study is published in: Construction and Building Materials, Volume 149, 15 September 2017, Pages 1–8

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