November issue: Functional coatings in the focus

The November issue of the European Coatings Journal is out. It features a full package on functional coatings: a market report, a product overview and expert interviews.

Functional coatings are the focus topic of the November issue of the European Coatings Journal.

The world around us consists of billions of microorganisms that we cannot see with our naked eye. They are always there, whether bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms. Just the last year and a half has shown us how quickly our everyday lives can be changed by such microorganisms. But it has also shown how fast research can be. Not only were medical solutions feverishly worked on to defuse the entire situation caused by Covid-19, but also antimicrobial coatings.

Read more about these kind of functional coatings in our technical article by Andreas Rank et al. (page 22). The authors used nanomaterials to improve surface properties. Their investigations suggest significant antimicrobial und antiviral properties of these modified coatings.

The market report (page 14) gives an insight of antimicrobial coatings and their potential development. And the product overview (page 18) presents IR-reflecting pigments for coatings in order to protect Earth’s climate. 

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