Fluoropolymer powders: Two coatings in one

A paper in the next issue of the European Coatings Journal shows how a blended powder coating containing FEVE fluoropolymer and super durable polyester can create a two-layer coating system during curing with enhanced protective and optical properties.

The Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) analysis of a cross section of FEVE/polyester metallic coating shows the two layers and aluminum flakes after curing. -

Fluoropolymer coatings are known for their good chemical, corrosion and thermal resistance as well as excellent weathering, surface and optical properties when applied as coating materials on different substrates and are often used for coatings in architectural applications.

However, they are rarely used in form of powder coatings for this area. The paper in the December issue of the European Coatings Journal shows how a blend of 30 % FEVE and 70 % super durable polyester with aluminium fakes can form a double layer coating.

Two layers after curing

During curing the FEVE migrates to the surface were it forms a clear coat. This clear coat has all the typical properties of fluoropolymer and is protecting the lower polyester layer as well as the aluminium flakes from weathering and UV radiation.

The paper shows that the aluminium flakes are orientated at the interface of the two polymer layers. Thanks to this orientation the coatings shows very god brightness and reflective and sparkling metallic effects with a relatively low amount of flakes.

The authors of the paper will elaborate on their findings during a live Webcast on 12 December 2017. The webcast is completely free of charge and registration already opened.

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