Smart anticorrosive coatings with multifunctional characteristics

A review emphasises the effects of self-healing and anti-fouling coatings for corrosion inhibition of metallic materials. Furthermore, novel coatings with anticorrosive characteristics that outweigh the restriction of the use of conventional formulations have been discussed.

Smart anticorrosive coatings with multifunctional characteristics. Source: Pixabay -

Smart coatings are innovative coatings that can react spontaneously, due to inbuilt stimuli-responsive mechanisms. The functionality obtained from these class of coatings at the metal-solution interface in aggressive environments has led to advances in anticorrosion studies and applications.

More reliable coatings

The presence of high-quality nanoparticles in coating formulations contribute to tougher and more reliable coatings. These have triggered unprecedented functionalities in smart coatings. They respond to single/multiple external stimuli, such as light, dirt, pH changes, temperature, aggressive liquids, bio-foulant, impact, fatigue, and have demonstrated outstanding, barrier properties with scratch resistance, in-situ healing, superhydrophobicity, superoleophilicity, high optical transmission, thermal stability, and resistance to strong acids, resulting in extended service life of the coatings and protected metallic materials. The utilisation of smart coatings in complex, real-time conditions, effectively controls the triggers of metallic degradation, structural failures, and resource depletion.

The study is published in: Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 111, October 2017, Pages 294-314.

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