Self-diagnosing corrosion protection

A recent study presents a self-diagnosing and active protective dual-functional water-borne polyurethane coating based on smart mesoporous containers.

Corrosion usually means electrochemical oxidation of metal in reaction with an oxidant such as oxygen, hydrogen or hydroxide. Image source: dbphotos - (symbol image).

During a new work, a dual functional coating was constructed to possess self-diagnosing and active anti-corrosion protection using pH-sensitive mesoporous silica containers containing gallic acid (GA). The containers are capable of releasing the inner GA when corrosion occurs at the metal substrate/coating interface due to pH sensitivity.

Active corrosion protection

GA can react with the Fe3+ ions to form conspicuous purple colour at damaged sites, which provides the coating with a fast and timely corrosion self-diagnosing function. It can also inhibit the expansion of corrosion and realise active corrosion protection. As rthe researchers point ot, their work provides a new idea for the multifunctional design of smart coatings with a single substance that provides both self-diagnosing and active corrosion protection.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 183, October 2023.

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