Current trends on inorganic-polymer nanocomposite coatings

A recently published review highlights the most important advances in the development and manufacture of advanced hybrid polymer-inorganic layered anticorrosion coatings for marine applications.

Newly developed AquaSun coatings share hydrophobicity and exceptionally high scratch resistance. Image source: jessmay - Pixabay (symbol image).

These newly hybrid anticorrosion systems are gaining importance with the premise to improve the efficiency of the widely employed pure organic coatings, while widening the available types of polymeric materials employed. These could give rise to innovative high protective coatings with improved characteristics (mechanical strength, conductivity, biodegradability) or secondary functionalities (self-healing, anti-fouling).

Graphene-based anticorrosion nanocomposites

In the review, four aspects are mainly overviewed, first, the use of 2D-layered inorganic fillers in coatings based on a barrier-type protection anticorrosion mechanism, with a special focus on graphene and its derivatives. Second, different modification strategies are presented, including covalent and non-covalent, always aiming to increase the compatibility between filler and matrix that would give as a result more efficient systems, due to 2D-layered fillers biggest drawback, their tendency to agglomerate.

Third, different multi-functionalising opportunities that graphene and its derivatives have to offer when introduced to these systems are reviewed, presenting some of the latest works reported in the past 2 to 3 years, while reviewing alternative layered structures such as natural clays or layered double hydroxides with their modifications. Fourth, different possibilities for multifunctioning these systems and their compatibility with graphene-like fillers are discussed. Finally, the conclusions and future perspectives on graphene-based anticorrosion nanocomposites are presented.

The review has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 163, February 2022.

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