Novel antimicrobial coatings should prevent the spread of drug-resistant bacteria

A network of European researchers has begun examining the potential of antimicrobial coatings to prevent the spread of drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals.

Novel antimicrobial coatings should prevent the spread of drug-resistant bacteria. Source: -

The Anti-Microbial Coating Innovations (AMiCI) consortium is studying the development, regulation, and “real life” use of these coatings, which can be used on textiles, including bed sheets and gowns, and solid surfaces such as walls, floors, beds and tables.

Coatings have great potential

“New approaches are needed to protect hospital patients and healthcare staff. Antimicrobial coatings have great potential. These are surfaces fortified with active ingredients that are responsible for the reduction and even elimination of micro-organisms that come into contact with them”, said Professor Colum Dunne from University of Limerick (UL) Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS), member of the AMiCI Management Group.

Four million people in the EU are affected

Healthcare associated infections, including multidrug-resistant bacteria, effect four million people annually in the European Union, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. More than 60 universities, research institutes and companies from 26 European countries are participating in the network, which represents the first time this issue is being addressed on such a large scale.

Copper and silver are promising materials

Members of the AMiCI consortium are organised into five groups concentrating on different areas relating to antimicrobial materials. They will examine the design and manufacture of antimicrobial materials, their performance testing, risk assessment, management and cleaning. “While some materials, such as copper and silver, have recognised antimicrobial properties, there are promising new technologies for use in coatings. In this network, we will evaluate the impact of introducing these in healthcare facilities, their potential for impact on spread of infection, practical aspects of their regulation and use, and possible development of resistance,” Professor Dunne adds.

Event tip:

If you want to refresh your basic knowledge or dive in into the latest findings on antimicrobial coatings, you should visit the European Coatings Show Conference in Nuremberg, Germany. On April 2 it will host a tutorial on the basics of biocides and the latest regulations.

On April 3 there will be a complete session on anti-microbial coatings with the latest findings from some of the biggest players in the coatings industry.

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