Nanocomposite paints for microwave absorption

A new study reports on the functional properties of zinc-nanographite based nanocomposite paints for 2–9 GHz microwave absorption.

The coatings proved to be an ideal microwave absorber in defense applications.  Image source: Ron-01 - Pixabay (symbol image).

Nanographite-zinc particles in various ratios were synthesised by high energy ball milling and dispersed in epoxy based aero grade resins for studying their microwaves absorption in the lower frequency band of 2–9 GHz using a coaxial waveguide measurement system. Morphological characterisations of the synthesised particles showed that shuttle shaped zinc was well embedded on the exfoliated nanographite particles without any agglomeration.

Ideal microwave absorber

The higher interfacial polarisation of both the graphite and zinc particles contributes to the excellent electrical conductivity and hence refers it as an ideal microwave absorber in defense applications. The paint with 20% (w/v) loading of nanographite-zinc (1:1 ratio) particles is proficient in providing microwave absorption of − 18.06 dB at 8.19 GHz with a coating thickness of 1.43 mm.

The study has been published in Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, Volume 18, Issue 5, September 2021.

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