Fluorine-free and strongly adhesive superhydrophobic coating

A new work focuses on the facile fabrication of wear-resistant, fluorine-free, strongly adhesive superhydrophobic coating based on modified Silicon dioxide/silicone nanocomposites

Image source: AVAKAphoto - Pixabay (symbol image).

The implementation of conventional superhydrophobic surfaces (SHPOs) preparation method on a broad scale is constrained by its complexity, low wear resistance, as well as its reliance on potentially harmful fluorine-containing chemicals, etc. Now, a wear-resistant, fluorine-free, strongly adhesive superhydrophobic composite surface was fabricated by applying the one-step spraying method. The superhydrophobic surface consisted of modified SiO2 particles, commercial silicone paint, and a vinyl-capped epoxy polysiloxane (VEPS) which was synthesized as an adhesion promoter. The prepared coating exhibits a water contact angle (WCA) of 164.9 ± 1.3° and a sliding angle (SA) of 4.1 ± 0.6° with 30 wt% of modified SiO2, which provides the optimum trade-off between hydrophobicity and robustness.

High water repellency

The superhydrophobic mechanism of the coating was elaborated based on its surface morphology. Moreover, the coating was subjected to various performance tests. After 12 h of immersion in solutions with different pH values, 26 linear wear tests or finger touch tests, the coating still exhibited superhydrophobicity, which indicates that it possessed excellent chemical durability and good abrasion resistance. Meanwhile, the coating still maintained a high water repellency when it had been subjected to tape peeling cycles, high temperature stability test or boiling water durability test.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 182, September 2023.

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