Corrosion resistance of surface texturing epoxy resin coatings

A recently published study focuses on the corrosion resistance of epoxy resin coatings reinforced with fly ash cenospheres and multiwalled carbon nanotubes.

A foggy surface is caused by the condensed droplets scattering the visible incident light. Consequently Image source:  Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig - Pixabay (symbol image).

For the study, the surface texture with different parameters were prepared on the surface of the fly ash cenospheres-multiwalled carbon nanotubes/epoxy coating samples by PDMS template method. The synergistic enhancement of the wettability and corrosion resistance of epoxy coating by the packing reinforcement method and the surface texture enhancement method were studied.

Improved corrosion resistance

It was found that the surface texture greatly enhances the hydrophobic property of resin coating and improves the corrosion resistance of epoxy coating. This study shows that the multi-fillers reinforcement and surface texture technology can perfectly synergy improve the corrosion resistance of epoxy coating from the inside and the surface.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 158, September 2021.

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